Lite Flite produces gunner belts, a.k.a. monkey belts or body positioning straps, and all sorts and lengths of lanyards for securing the crew during open door missions.

P/N 60081626/60081629 - Lanyard Connector

In early 2012, we introduced the new lanyard connector, requested by a customer (Heli Operations) looking for an easier and safer way of keeping the helicopter winch man secured. It is nothing more but a short strap with a hook or karabiner that can be clipped on to the middle D-ring of the QRB suspension strap in one end, and a click lock tang for attaching our click lock lanyards in the other.

By using this little device and a hoist harness equipped with a similar tang, the winch man can be secured in the helicopter, without the need for a seperate gunner- or monkey belt. When returning from what may be cold water, the rescuer can be secured even before he re-enters the helicopter !

Without using too many words, this is how it is intended to be used:
In the helicopter the QRB lies in its pouch or shelf with the small lanyard connector hooked on to the middle D-ring of the suspension strap.

The lanyard must be attached to a strong point in the helicopter. When preparing for a mission the winchman takes on his hoist harness. During flight he is secured in the helicopter with the lanyard connected to the click lock tang on the hoist harness. When arriving at the scene and the door is still closed, the winch man takes the QRB assy and click the QRB on to the front fork tang of the hoist harness.

He then moves the lanyard click lock from the harness to the lanyard connector attached to the middle D-ring of the suspension strap. Now the quick release possibility is right in front of him. When safety check procedure is over he now opens the door and hooks on to the hoist hook. The lanyard with connector is then removed from the suspension strap and he is ready to go.

When the winch man returns from surface, supporting the saved victim, the winch operator simply reaches the lanyard and connector to the rescuer or even catch the middle D-ring directly. Now the rescuer is secured and can re-enter the helicopter, let the hoist hook go and close the door. Finally, he can move the lanyard click lock to his harness and leave the QRB assy in its pouch.

During this process, the winch man has not been unsecured, at any time, while the door was open. At the same time, he has not had the need for a seperate gunner belt.

Selected Part Numbers:
Part No   Nato Stock No   Part Name   
60081612    63072000    Gunners Belt, dual buckle, W140, 2.5m adj. lanyard, B12 shortener snap, EH101, NSN 1680226140191         
60081614    63072000    Gunners Belt, single buckle, W140, 2.5m adj. lanyard         
60081614A    63072000    Gunners Belt, single buckle, W140, 1.5m adj. lanyard         
60081621    63072000    Lanyard, 1.5m adj., click lock         
60081622    63072000    Lanyard, 1.6m adj., 2 Karabiner, NSN1010226243600         
60081627    63072000    Lanyard, 2.5m adj., Click lock, AH 704A41816098         
60081629    63072000    Lanyard Connector Strap w. karabiner, AH 704A41816097         
(Only a few selected part numbers are shown. Please ask for what you do not see.)