We make windsocks in all sizes, with or without top light. Our windsocks kan be sewn to fit an existing frame or according to your own measurements. Normally, the colours are red/white, but you can have black/yellow or any other colour combination you prefer. It is your sole decision.

Please contact us for more information and a quote.

Normally wind socks come in standard sizes.

Selected Part Numbers:
Part No   Nato Stock No   Part Name   
20154000    63072000    Wind Sock Ø100 x 450         
20154002    63072000    Wind Sock Ø50 x 300         
20154003    63072000    Wind Sock Ø36 x 360, FAI standard         
20154004    63072000    Wind Sock Ø60 x 500         
20154005    63072000    Wind Sock Ø30 x 120         
20154006    63072000    Wind Sock Ø60 x 300 cm RED/WHITE, NSN 6660226324283         
20154007    63072000    Wind Sock Ø 90 x 360         
(Only a few selected part numbers are shown. Please ask for what you do not see.)