The QRB is the important connection between the rescue man and the hoist system of the helicopter.

Lite Flites QRB is designed with the ability to open under tension up to 150 kg. This is a very important safety feature. When designing the QRB we always focused on the safety of the rescue man as well as the helicopter crew. With the Lite Flite QRB the rescue man is always able to release himself in an emergency situation. If the rescue man get into problems, entangled on a wreckage or stuck between rocks in the mountains, the helicopter has a problem. In this situation the crew could be forced to cut the cable in order not to jeopardize the helicopter and the crew. If this happens for a helicopter equipped with a single hoist only, the helicopter is not able to get back to rescue the rescue man, and far the less the casualty.

The QRB is manufactured from anti-corrosion treated stainless steel, which makes it extremely resistant to saltwater corrosion. Furthermore the body of the QRB is given a special surface treatment. A very thin layer, less than 5 microns, of carbon and chrome ions is bonded to the surface, making it glass hard, scratch resistant and super smooth. The resulting silk matt, solid black surface adds another important feature; It makes the moving parts less vulnerable to lack of lubrication.

Daily maintenance after use in saltwater, is limited to a quick shower in fresh water, roughly speaking. Only once a year, the QRB must be disassembled, cleaned, lubricated with a special aero grade grease and have new stainless springs changed.

The rescue man has a distinct feeling of the mechanism when operating the lid. Strong springs improves the safety of operation. The color of the lid is black with a lime green bar inserted in the lid. The contrast between the 2 colors enables the crew members from a distance and even in a dark helicopter, to tell if the QRB is in the safe position. As the bar stays 3mm proud of the lid, the rescue man is able to feel, even with gloves, if the bar is horizontal and in safe position.

In 2018 we updated the QRB to mk-5. The upgrade prevents wrong insertion of the harness tang into the QRB, due to the redesigned lid featuring a "lobe" covering the small gap.

The Lite Flite Quick Release Box is a must to all quality concerned SAR crews.

CE type approval
The QRB and the suspension strap is part of Lite Flites CE type approved and tested Helicopter Rescue System. The CE type approval is in accordance with EU Directive 89/686/EEC regarding Personnal Protective Equipment. Among utilized common European norms are EN358 and EN1497.

Nato Stock Number
The Nato Stock Number 1680-22-309-1736, our P/N 80049010, covers the complete assembly of the QRB and the suspension strap.

Quick Release Box spare parts and accessories can be ordered seperately.

P/N 90019010

P/N 60081471

P/N 80049010 - QRB assembly connecting the rescuers harness to the helicopter hoist hook.

Selected Part Numbers:
Part No   Nato Stock No   Part Name   
60081471    63072000    QRB Suspension Strap NG, 275 mm, A+A ring NSN 4240226309689         
80049085    83014090    QRB mk-5 Upgrade Kit, NSN 1670226319606         
80049090    83016000    QRB Overhaul Kit         
90019010    83014090    Quick Release Box, QRB mk-5         
(Only a few selected part numbers are shown. Please ask for what you do not see.)