The unique light weight sit-in rescue harness was originally developed in close coordination with the Danish Air Force. It comes in several versions to be able to match the special needs of SAR Squadrons world wide.

It is essential that the LITE FLITE sit-in harness allows the rescue man to move his legs freely in order to support the rescued person during the hoist ride to the helicopter.

All LITE FLITE rescue harnesses features the special split fork tang that fits directly into the Quick Release Box mk-5 and earlier releases. All webbing material is MIL-SPEC to secure equally high standard of every harness. All adapters, rings and adjusters are highest quality stainless steel, resistant to salt attack from daily use in saline conditions.

The extremely comfortable harness is constructed without shoulder straps. Due to the special design of the front part, the waist belt locks itself on to the hips in case of a head down position, preventing the rescue man to slide out of the harness.

The harness features alpine style, fully padded, open leg straps and our unique elastic suspensions for walking or swimming. In addition, the harness has D-rings for auxillary equipment and a strap for radio attachment. For the safety of the winchman returning from the water with cold hands, we have added a click-lock tang and a D-ring as lanyard attachment points at the right side of the harness. All in all, a very versatile harness, specifically designed for demanding helicopter SAR crews.

Optionally, the harness can be equipped with a pocket for your waterproof Polycon radio, or whatever your needs are.

Two Royal Air Force (RAF) airmen were plucked from the sea by the Stornoway Coastguard recently, after the RAF Tornado in which they were flying caught fire, forcing them to ditch it in the sea, ejecting from the aircraft just before impact. Both pilot and navigator were able to get into their individual life-rafts before the coastguard helicopter arrived. The two airmen were then winched into the helicopter, which had been fitted with the newly developed Lite Flite harness. One of the rescuers onboard the helicopter said:
"I would like to thank the Lite Flite staff involved in the construction of the harness. The high quality of the design and construction enabled us to save the lives of two airmen."

P/N 60081453

P/N 60081491 - Upside down !

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Selected Part Numbers:
Part No   Nato Stock No   Part Name   
60081443E    63072000    Helicopter Hoist Harness, fully padded, S/M, AH 704A41816099, incl. log card         
60081451    63072000    Helicopter Hoist Harness, f. Sea Pilot, S-M, w. integrated suspension strap         
60081453E    63072000    Helicopter Hoist Harness, fully padded, M/L, AH 704A41816096, incl. log card         
60081491    63072000    Helicopter Hoist Harness NG, S-M, adj. lanyard attachment, NSN 1680226306213         
60081493    63072000    Helicopter Hoist Harness NG, M-L, adj. lanyard attachment, NSN 1680226306214         
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