Lite Flite has been manufacturing rescue sling strops for many years, both our own design and in cooperation with our customers.

Newest generation Double Sling Strop presented in Norway
The latest version of our double sling strop, with integrated hypothermia strop, was presented at Redningskonferansen / Ambulanseforum at Gardermoen, Norway in September 2015.
The unique design allows the double sling to be used as a normal, single sling. When the victim is captured the same way as always, it is an easy task to seperate the outer sling and drag it to a position below the victims knees. A semi-sitting position is held, preventing the dangerous, and some times fatal, compartment syndrome often suffered by hypothermia victims.
The double sling strop is construed without use of velcro and the risers are stiffened by a thin layer of nylon sheet, making the sling strop extremely simple to handle and operate. Naturally, then main sling incorporate our tripple-S system too.

About our Rescue sling Strops
Rescue sling strops, or "strops" in short, comes in all sorts, from traditional light weight strops for maritime use to medium or heavy weight strops for helicopter rescue purposes. All types of strops can be closed or open, they can be equipped with our unique Self Securing System (pronounced "Tripple S") and hypothermia leg straps, they can have handles different places that serve to assist the rescuer in his work. As standard, our strops come with outside reflex stripes and non-slip surfaces at the inside. Standard colour is bright orange for high visibility. All hardware are made of anti-corrosion treated stainless steel and are compatible with any hoist hook. All strops are tested according to EU Directive 96/98/EEC and comply comply with European Norm EN1498:2006.

Light weight strops are typically used for maritime purposes, i.e. rescuing a victim who has fallen over board. They are easy to handle, can be thrown a reasonable distance with no risk of injuring the victim, they will float and a conscious victim will have little or no trouble securing himself. This can be done by use of a chest strap or simply by grapping the red handle, utilising the self securing system. Light weight strops typically serve as replacement for the old ring- or horseshoeshaped lifebuoys. Our light weight strops are of very high quality, made for demanding customers, and can not be compared to the cheap strops offered by some boat and caravan dealers.

Medium and heavy weight strops are designed and typically used, for helicopter rescue. While still buyant, they will not be blown away by the rotor downwash. This is a very important safety feature, as massive rotor downwash will make the strop impossible to catch and maybe even hazardous to the helicopter itself. These strops are normally equipped with all sorts of assist handles and optionally hypothermia leg strops. Securing the victim can be done with help from the rescuer or by the victim himself. Medium and heavy weight strops can be ordered as open strops where one side of the strop can stay attached to the hoist hook while the other side is led, by the rescuer, under the victims arms and then hooked back on.

Apart from the standard strop types, Lite Flite produces a variety of special purpose strops. Our diaper strop is designed for inexperienced and unassisted users, like harbour pilots or technicians who need to be transported and hoisted to ships or off-shore wind turbines. The dog strop is made for hoisting rescue or K-9 dogs, this type of sling strop is manufactured to customer specification only. A closed cod for rescuing infants or strops for childs and juniors can also be delivered, as well as strops for very large and heavy victims. As with any other of our products, all sorts of features are available, and if you do not find what you need, ask for it and we will do our best to help.

P/N 60087342 - Double Sling Strop

P/N 60087316 - Closed Sling Strop

P/N 60087331 - Open Sling Strop

P/N 60087340 - Rescue Wrap / Transport Sling
Selected Part Numbers:
Part No   Customs Code   Part Name   
60087314    63072000    Rescue Sling Strop, closed, junior 140cm, single web, red risers, short padding NSN 1730226285132         
60087316    63072000    Rescue Sling Strop, closed, 190 cm, single web, red risers, 1,7 kg NSN 1730226155593         
60087317    63072000    Personal Rescue Sling Strop, Buoyant, w. chest strap         
60087318    63072000    Personal Rescue Sling Strop, Buoyant, w/o chest strap         
60087319    63072000    Rescue Sling Strop, open, 190 cm, 1,6kg         
60087321    63072000    Rescue Sling Strop, closed, 170 cm, single web, red risers for inboard hoist, 1730226155590         
60087331    63072000    Rescue Sling Strop, open, 210cm, dual web, red risers NSN 4240223001501         
60087332    63072000    Rescue Sling Strop, open, 190 cm, stiff, quad web, red risers, 1,9 kg         
60087340    63072000    Rescue Sling Wrap, 3 point suspension         
60087342    63072000    Rescue Sling Strop, closed, 180 cm, double sling w. leg strap, stiff, yellow risers         
(Only a few selected part numbers are shown. Please ask for what you do not see.)