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New Quick Release Box QRB mk-5 released
Our popular and market leading Quick Release Box for helicopter winchmen, is now further developed into mk-5.

In 2018 we updated the QRB to mk-5. The new version prevents wrong insertion of the harness tang into the QRB, due to the redesigned lid featuring a "lobe" covering the small gap. Some other design improvements has been added too, like the new yellow bar without visible screws.

Why did we make this upgrade ?
Previously, we have received a small number of reports, of winchmen and doctors managing to squeeze in the harness tang between the QRB lid and body. Even though no accidents has occured, it has been annoying to the user, in the situation. Naturally, we have listened to the operators reporting this, and the result is the new QRB mk-5.

QRB mk-3 and mk-4 can be upgraded to mk-5, simply by adding an upgrade kit to the overhaul kit. Older QRB mk-2 should all be upgraded to mk-3 or mk-4 by now, and they can be upgraded to mk-5 as well. If in doubt, please contact us for for information. Current users should all have received a service bulletin describing the background and the upgrade. A new CMM version 15 has also been issued.

Thomas Knudstrup appointed as new CEO
As part of Lite Flites ongoing development and move towards future standards and requirements, Thomas Knudstrup has been appointed new CEO / Managing Director.

Former CEO Søs Holstein has handed over this position and is excited and says she is "confident that this change will be beneficial for Lite Flites customers and the company".

Besides running the business, Thomas will be in charge of personally testing all the new equipment :-)

New product: QRB Overhaul Kit, in-a-box
Our almost maintenance-free Quick Release Box, QRB, just needs an annual overhaul. A few parts are mandatory to change, and we are now introducing an overhaul kit that includes all these parts, easy to overview and handle. Everything is delivered in a small plastic box, including special grease, cotton sticks and pipe cleaners. Just ask for one P/N 80049090 per QRB. It's that simple.

New product: Sea Tray, 2nd generation
Sea tray, wet floor, rubber floor; Lots of names, same thing... Every rescue helicopter hoisting victims from the sea need to limit the amount of water entering the cabin, and a sea tray is one of the most common solutions.

This is our new RF welded Sea Tray for AW101, featuring self supporting sides, knee pads, weighted door flap, bottle holders and water proof pass-throughs for easy access to the seat rails. The design is based on long time experience by our valued customers.

We are looking forward to present this solution at ‪‎RSM16‬, hosted by the European Rescue Swimmers Association ‪(‎EURORSA‬) in Italy, this June.

Naturally, all rescue helicopter operators and manufacturers are most welcome to contact us for further information.

Lite Flite achieves EN9100 certification
It is with great pride that we can now announce, that we have been rewarded EN9100:2009 certification for our Quality Management System. As technical equivalent to the American AS9100C standard, it makes us a true quality supplier to the aerospace industry and SAR helicopter operators all over the world.

Generational change at Lite Flite
We are pleased to share an early Christmas gift with you: At Lite Flite we have initiated a generational change in management to secure a stable future for our customers, ourselves, and our common mission: To save lives! Thomas Knudstrup, whom you may already know, is the new co-owner.

Read full press release ➔
Search + Rescue Europe, April 2014, in Copenhagen
Lite flite sponsors this 3-day conference, April 7-9th, and we will be displaying our helicopter rescue equipment in the refreshment area. Like allways, the audience at this kind of event is dedicated and has a lot of experience. We are looking forward to meet, and listen to, new and current customers, as the experts they are.

Helitech International 2013
Lite Flite will be displaying at the Helitech 2013 event that will be held in ExCel, London, September 24-26. You are welcome to come and visit us at stand no. K02 and take a look at our helicopter rescue equipment.

Quick Release Box Mk-4 released
The Mk-4 version of our wellknown Quick Release Box (QRB) is now released. Factory new QRB's are now solid black with a number of vital improvements in relation to previously Mk-2 and Mk-3:

• Improved lifting plate with closed lobes
• New back plate with single flush hole
• Countersunk rubber protection plug
• Black ionized scratch resistant surface

The improved lifting plate with closed or interconnected lobes greatly
reduces the risk of foreign objects, like rubber plugs, getting trapped inside the QRB. This lifting plate represents such a great security enhancement, that we have chosen to make the upgrade mandatory.

EuroRSA 2012 in Aalborg
European Rescue Swimmers Association (EuroRSA) held the bi-annual summit in Aalborg, Denmark, in early May. During three sunny and beautifull days, some fifty-or-so rescue swimmers from all over Europe, Australia and United States shared their experience and knowledge. They even found time to play with the Danish EH-101 helicopters.

Lite Flite was invited to showcase the helicopter rescue equipment, which we proudly did, and we were very impressed by the meeting and the content. It was simply great fun and very informal !

New Lanyard Connector
In early february, we introduced the new lanyard connector, requested by a customer looking for an easier and safer way of keeping the helicopter winch man secured. It is nothing more but a short strap with a hook or carabiner that can be clipped on to the middle D-ring of the QRB suspension strap in one end, and a click lock tang for attaching our click lock lanyards in the other.

By using this little device and a hoist harness equipped with a similar tang, the winch man can be secured in the helicopter, without the need for a seperate gunner- or monkey belt. When returning from what may be cold water, the rescuer can be secured even before he re-enters the helicopter !

XL Hook Knife
Our new, extra large hook knife, is designed by request from the Danish Air Force SQ 722 SAR team. This hook knife features a 20 mm (0.8") opening, enough for cutting guide lines, heavy duty webbing or even the attachment loops at the top of fast ropes.

The hook knife is made from laser cut stainless steel and keeps 2 extra spare blades inside. The handle is designed just thick enough to ensure a good grip, and just thin enough to not being bulky in a narrow pocket.


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